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Hoarding advertising cost 2024.

How Much Does Hoarding Advertising Cost 2024?

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Hoarding advertising is a crucial factor in delivering your brand message to more potential customers. Generally, billboards have more visibility to expose your brand. If you are planning to invest in OOH advertising, Adinn Outdoor has well-planned media planning foroutdoor advertising. In 2024, every brand needs to create an impact and increase its brand visibility. So there are a lot of comprehensive investment strategies that often involve hoarding advertising costs.

Factors Influencing Hoarding Advertising Cost

The price of hoardings depends on many different causes; here we can see what drives the cost of billboards.

  • Location: Selecting prime billboard city centers or high-traffic locations with higher prices due to the greater visibility and bigger impact. and bigger impact.
  • Size and format: Larger hoardings can create an instant impact on your audience. And people can easily connect with the brand.
  • Campaign duration: If you’re considering a short-term hoarding campaign,then the price will be so high when compared to a long-term hoarding campaign. Many agencies will recommend going for long billboard campaigns. So that your brand grabs the attention of passersby for a long time.
  • Seasonality: Billboard prices can fluctuate when there is a festival season. For example, Pongal and Diwali.
  • Printing and mounting: When you’re ready to launch a billboard campaign,the cost is also associated with the total expenses.

Effective Planning Budgeting for Hoarding Advertising

Setting clear objectives for your business goals is important. Understanding your business when it never reaches its peak. By this time, you need to define your goal for a billboard advertising campaign, whether it has to be a product brand awareness campaign, a product or service launch campaign, or an event campaign. (For example, Amul ice cream brand is targeting to increase maximum brand visibility in summer time across Chennai with a perfect outdoor media planning strategy near schools and colleges. So let’s take a look at their billboard marketing strategy. Their ideal target audience was to reach a large portion of their brand impression among young adults. This billboard marketing strategy may help you reach and enhance a more effective hoarding advertisement strategy.) More likely than Adinn Outdoor Advertising knows strategic outdoor ad placement strategy.

Adinn outdoor Bus shelter advertising amul branding.

Typical Cost Range for Outdoor Advertising

When you are planning a hoarding advertising campaign, most of the campaign depends on the location. So let’s see what the impact of location is on the price range. 

Urban center area billboards:

Advertising in urban centers will increase your brand’s recognition. Most probably, urban center area billboards are in a high-cost range compared to the other area. Adinn Outdoor has a reasonable price for hoardings to promote your brand’s main city center urban location. Covering 550+ impactful billboard advertising sites across India

Suburban area billboards:

Hoarding advertising in suburban areas offers a balance between cost and visibility, making it an attractive option for many businesses. Suburban area hoardings are low-cost when compared to urban areas. Most of the suburban hoardings are located in shopping malls, schools, and local parks.


Understanding the cost associated with hoarding advertisements in 2024. And what key factor plays a major role in selecting the right location for hoarding advertisements? Adinn Outdoor specializes in all-format OOH media advertising through our strategic placement of billboards. Your brand has a great chance to create a bigger impact.

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